INTERESNI KAZKI – duo show at studiocromie

our Ukrainian friends will open a duo show in town on saturday the 12th, at bottega papocchia
get in touch if you need directions or help with pick up from the airport and accomodation

you bored?

once again, art sucks. we’re here to scream it louder then anyone else.

come visit us
14 december 2013

Akay & Brad Downey from fame festival on Vimeo.


a collaborative show
get in touch to know more


hello everybody!
just to make it clear, FAME festival is not on this year, it’s well dead. for a complete set of reasons ask me directly or look around and give yourself an answer

in the meantime, we’re still working with our favourite artists, cause we like to do what we do anyway, without hoping for it to look spectacoular on the blogs or forums on the net, we’re in town and if you want to come visit there’s a lot of art to see around here

this is what we’ve been doing recently with the american artist Swoon

yes, she’s the best!

This is MOMO, the movie!

MOMO from fame festival on Vimeo.

One not to miss :

MOMO solo show in Grottaglie!
13/07/13 19:00 – Bottega Papocchia – Quartiere delle Ceramiche – Grottaglie
dj Set Populous/Life&Limb

preview and dinner party on the 12th, please write if interested in the available artwork

see you there!


leaving Jamaica was as bad as expected, especially considering that we had to split up and we’re both in cold places now.. anyway, i also wanted to show you guys what MOMO has been painting in the last week on the island

a beautiful piece on the beach between montego bay and falmouth

and the wall of club21, 5 minutes away from port antonio!

for those of you that dont know anything about it, DARMON is a new project, it will culminate in the first solo show by MOMO in europe. ill post more news soon!

day whatever

as you can see, things got weird in cuba

thats why we decided to go back to jamaica and start painting again, we drove from kingston to port antonio, where we met a lot of nice people with interesting stiles

and went to the wildest street party ever, but taht’s another story..
we’re here to show you photos of what mr. Momo came up with in Boston bay

more soon


our apologies for being slow posting news but internet in cuba is very close to impossible.
we spent the first days on the island in Havana┬ástressing everybody at “taller experimental grafico”

it’s a magical place for everybody, but if you’re into printmaking, there is no better place in the world. we had brought some handmade banana paper from jamaica and┬áthe plan was to convince people there to lend us their tools to print an edition… things weren’t looking good until we met these beautiful people

Raimundo Vega and Julio Peralta, both artists and master printers helped us trough all the process,

and trusted us enough to let us print the edition by ourselves

here’s the result, we’re very happy with it, hope you like em too!

day 10

we loved kingston! they all say that it’s a dangerous place, a lot of shooting and crazy shit, that’s pretty much all you hear about the city when you travel trough jamaica but all we’ve seen there was great people and nice places.

it has to be said tough, we’ve been very lucky to meet melinda and her lovely friends at Roktowa, this might be the reason we felt so much at home as they were extremely helpful to us.
we got to paint this massive wall right outside the main market downtown

momo pimped a ladder with tyres

and it seemed that the locals were all happy about it,

and boooooom!

big news is that we’re in Cuba now, and as you probably know (and i didnt) it’s very hard to find internet connections down here, i’ll try to keep you all posted anyway!

day 7 – a collaboration

we were on the way between mandaville and kingston when we bumped into this wall

it already had some abstract paintings on it and the neighbours told us they were made by this guy who everybody called the mad man, he had a nice collection of empty paint buckets found in the streets in years to decorate that wall

it felt like it was the perfect spot for this other mad man

for a nice collaboration