leaving Jamaica was as bad as expected, especially considering that we had to split up and we’re both in cold places now.. anyway, i also wanted to show you guys what MOMO has been painting in the last week on the island

a beautiful piece on the beach between montego bay and falmouth

for those of you that dont know anything about it, DARMON is a new project, it will culminate in the first solo show by MOMO in europe. ill post more news soon!

we loved kingston! they all say that it’s a dangerous place, a lot of shooting and crazy shit, that’s pretty much  all you hear about the city when you travel trough jamaica but all we’ve seen there was great people and nice places.

it has to be said tough, we’ve been very lucky to meet melinda and her lovely friends at Roktowa, this might be the reason we felt so much at home as they were extremely helpful to us.
we got to paint this massive wall right outside the main market downtown

big news is that we’re in Cuba now, and as you probably know (and i didnt) it’s very hard to find internet connections down here, i’ll try to keep you all posted anyway!